Sea Salted Caramel Panna Cotta

An alchemy of many tastes which come from the union of 3 simple ingredients: cream, milk, and sugar.

Originating from the Piedmont region of Italy our Panna Cotta is made with RBGH-free milk and cream and comes with sea salted caramel.

The caramel we use is made locally just 40 miles from our facility by two Frenchmen based in California. Following a traditional recipe from Normandy, the caramel is patiently cooked to reveal the wonderful flavors of the blend of sugar, and salted butter. They use only top quality ingredients and patient workmanship when making the caramel. Every product from Le Caramel is hand-made in small batches and cooked, jarred and labeled in their factory.

Heavy Cream, Milk, Caramel (Pure Cane Sugar, Water, Sea Salt), Organic Pure Cane Sugar, Gelatin, Vanilla Beans.

Contains: Milk

3 OZ